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Do you have a recruiting idea that has worked for you? Share it here.
Here's one that worked well for me. I recruited over 30 people in a week with this technique.
Dress up and go to your local college, high school or mall. Have a clipboard; a recruiting form (that has a space for name, phone number, car--yes/no, comments); a pen; and some professional looking business cards.
Approach people asking them: Do you know anyone that might be looking for a part or full-time job? They will usually say: "Yeah me! What's the job?"
"We deal with live commercials like what you see on TV. It pays (insert amount per hour) and I think you have the right look for our company. If you had the proper training & practice does this sound like something you might be interested in?"
"Yeah that sounds pretty good".
"I can't promise you a job, but I am a recruiter for my company. My name is (blank--hand prospect your business card). What is your name so I can pass it on to our human resources department? What is your phone number so they can call you if they would like to interview you? Do you have a car? Okay great! I'll pass your name along. Hopefully they'll give you a call. Bye."
If your wondering how to explain the dollars per hour and get the prospect on commission only reply to this thread and I'll give you the secret key!

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